Why Making Funeral and Burial Plans Now Should Be a Priority

Just thinking about your death or the death of a loved one can be enough to tug at your heartstrings. As such, the topic of death is one that most people try to maintain a safe distance from. While thinking about death, and what you want in regards to your funeral and burial services, may be difficult to do, these things are important; creating a plan now can alleviate pressure for your loved ones and ensure that your wishes are adhered to. Here are some of the top reasons why you should meet with a lawyer and create a funeral and burial plan today–

  1. You Have Strong Feelings Regarding What You Want After Death

Many people have very strong convictions about death and what they want to happen to their body. For example, some people, for religious or personal reasons, may insist upon burial or cremation, whereas others may want to donate their body to scientific research. Further, you may also have preferences about the funeral itself, ranging from a traditional ceremony in a church to a other cultural ceremony, such as a wake. By sitting down and creating a plan for what you want now with your family, lawyer and a funeral director, you can guarantee that your wishes will be carried out.

  1. You Want to Reduce Stress and Pressure for Your Surviving Family Members

One very important reason that you should put together a plan for the ceremony following your death is to reduce the stress and pressure that would otherwise burden your family members. Making funeral arrangements can be very taxing and emotional, and sometimes even divisive for families; the best way to avoid this is to provide your loved ones with a clear plan of what you want.

  1. Ensure Everything Is Paid for

Not only can making a decision about how to mourn your loss and what to do with your body be difficult for family members, but figuring out how to pay for all of the funeral and burial expenses can be trying, too. In fact, funeral and burial expenses can easily range into the thousands and tens of thousands of dollars, creating a large financial burden for your loved ones.

By planning for your funeral now, you can put money aside, or even make certain purchases in advance (which can also help to mitigate rising future costs).

Our Elder Law and Life Planning Attorney Can Help

At the law offices of Patricia Bloom-McDonald, your questions about planning for a funeral in Massachusetts will be accurately and sensitively answered. Our life planning attorney understands the delicate nature of this topic, and will help you arrange your end-of-life and related affairs with care and competence. Attorney Patricia Bloom-McDonald is able to assist you with other elements of the end-life-planning process, such as creating an estate plan, creating a durable power of attorney, advance medical directives, and more.

For a consultation with our lawyer, please call our law office directly to set up an initial no-cost meeting with Attorney Patricia Bloom-McDonald as soon as possible.