Out of any good ideas for Holiday Gifts? This season we suggest that you give your family a gift that can, and will, last generations!

The holiday season is upon us, and as others rush about the malls and the internet looking for gifts, we can recommend a unique, useful and memorable gift that will be perfect for any loved one: An Estate Plan!

Why is this the perfect gift?  As parents, adult children, and grand-parents, we often wish there was more we could do to protect those we love. Completing our own Estate Planning can provide security and ensure a lasting legacy for the generations that follow. Another way we can extend protection to our loved ones is to encourage them to complete their own estate planning.  After all, everyone over the age of eighteen needs the key documents for healthcare, legal and financial decisions.  In today’s busy lifestyles, they may not have had the time to think about or initiate planning.  They would love to have a great estate plan, but just have not “gotten around to it.” By giving them a gift certificate towards Estate Planning, you could help them realize the following benefits:

· Avoid probate delay and cost

· Name financial and medical decision makers (avoiding guardianship and conservatorship court proceedings – in the case of incapacity)

· Name guardians for minor children

· Hold children’s inheritance for their benefit until they reach a certain age

· Protect assets from divorce and creditors and keep money in your family

· Minimize estate tax

Gift Certificates for Estate Planning are an unexpected gift that shows you care.  It’s easy.  It’s unique.  It’s useful and will send your loved one in the right direction.   They would be the client, not you, so they can be rest assured that their estate planning choices will be honored.

This year, don’t give a gift that will impress for a moment and be forgotten within a week; Instead, give the gift that will protect your loved one—and their loved ones!—and will last for years to come. Give the gift of estate planning.

We are offering gift certificates in increments of $500.00, PLUS we will include a FREE one-hour initial consultation, valued at $285.00. Call our office today and learn more about the greatest gift you can give your loved ones – Peace of Mind.