7 Things Every Home Buyer Should Know

Whether you are buying a home for the first time or thinking of upgrading from a condo or town home to a larger single dwelling or downsizing to a smaller home or from a house to a condo, home buyers should be advised, or reminded, of at least 7 things before purchasing a home:

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Nursing Home Mass Health Eligibility

For seniors or low income individuals and families, there are federal and state programs to help with medical care and long-term health care. Medicaid is designed for long-term health care, called MassHealth in Massachusetts. Medical expenses can be considerable and cost thousands of dollars per month for nursing home care or in-home personal care assistants. Read more

A Warning on Beneficiary Designations

There are numerous ways to leave your estate to your named beneficiaries. A Will is the most common, though if you have considerable assets, retirement plans, stocks, brokerage accounts, bank accounts, real estate or other property, you may not want your estate to be probated since it is time consuming and all public. Read more

Property Deed Scams

Read this before you send a Deed Service money for a copy of your property deed.

All over the U.S., consumers opening their mail this year have read official looking solicitations from a company stressing the importance of possessing a certified copy of their property deed. Read more

Tips for Giving Gifts to Your Grandkids

When it comes to grandchildren, most grandparents seek to shower them with gifts. There is a great deal of truth in the common jokes about how spoiled grandkids can be. Often, this practice does not stop when the grandkids have grown up, and grandparents will help them out with school tuition payments, their first car, wedding fees, and even more. Even more than the love that is shown during their life as they bestow gifts on their grandkids is the desire to be remembered. Read more