Benefits of Pets for the Elderly

There are many ways that pets can enrich the lives of their owners. The benefits to our physical and mental health are sometimes overlooked though. A popular trend in senior health news, in particular, is that pets can greatly improve senior health, sometimes being the determining factor in how long a senior can stay independent in their own homes. Read more

3 Things to Consider Before Retiring Abroad

1.         Legal Matters and Finances

There are many reasons to retire abroad – experiencing a new country, culture, and way of life being the best of them. However, before you hop onto your plane, you need to be sure that it is what you want and that you can afford it. There are many financial aspects to settle before moving abroad, including: Read more

MassHealth and Property Seizures

MassHealth (Massachusetts’ Medicaid program) is a nebulous program for many people. In short, it connects its participants to affordable health care. MassHealth provides cheaper heath care rates to qualifying participants.

The program is flexible and covers all sorts of various scenarios to help as many people as possible. In general, to qualify for MassHealth, you must be: Read more

Residential Real Estate Closing Process

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts requires an attorney to supervise all real estate transactions to ensure that the funds are properly disbursed. If you are applying for a mortgage the mortgage attorney will need to be approved by the lender, or Mortgage Company, so choose one that is experienced and who can advise you throughout the process of buying a home, not just at the closing.  When certain issues arise you do not want a delay or experience a derail of the transaction or even end up having it cost you more money. Read more


One sad but nearly inevitable fact of life is that our parents do become elderly and at some point may need assistance in managing their affairs. When they retire, hopefully they will have savings or a retirement plan, but many do not. If you or they decide that assisted living is necessary, you may wish to consult with an Elder Law lawyer about the issues this will present.

In any event, your elderly parents will still have bills to pay and you can help them out by following these 5 tips.

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