MassHealth Nursing Home Eligibility

Medicaid is an important part of healthcare funding for low-income individuals. In Massachusetts, Medicaid is known as MassHealth. For those who are elderly and are seeking nursing home care, there are a variety of criteria that must be satisfied to be eligible. The following reviews the rules regarding MassHealth nursing home eligibility – for more questions, contact elder law lawyer, Patricia Bloom-McDonald.

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Nursing Homes and Medicaid; 5 Things You Need to Know

Medicaid is a federal program that is regulated and managed by each independent state.  It is designed for impoverished individuals requiring long-term-care medical benefits. Medical and housing are typically the largest expenses for all individuals, many of whom are unable to pay for the ever increasing costs of medical care and housing costs. If qualifying individuals are unable to care for themselves in their own home or need arrangements in a nursing home, these individuals can apply to Medicaid for payment, but only if their income and assets are at a certain level and they medical help with areas of daily living.

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6 Estate Planning Lessons We Can Learn From Celebrities

Most celebrities have some degree of considerable wealth and may have their affairs handled by a team of agents, financial advisors, and attorneys. It thus comes as a surprise to many us when we learn that when some celebrities pass away, they were guilty of numerous errors in their estate plans or failed to have any estate planning at all. In a number of these cases, the celebrity failed to use an estate planning lawyer who could have easily drafted an estate plan to account for the contingencies and other unforeseen circumstances that often arise after the Will or other testamentary instruments were drawn up.

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Estate Planning for People with Dementia or Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s or dementia is an insidious disease, affecting about half of those who are 85 and older though it can manifest in those who are decades younger. Dementia comes in stages and there is no cure for this progressive condition that can significantly affect your memory and cognitive abilities, effectively incapacitating you.

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Is a Life Estate Right for You?

Creating a life estate as part of your estate planning portfolio might be a good idea so long as you understand the benefits and potential risks involved. If you have been properly advised by an estate planning lawyer, a life estate can be an excellent financial plan for your heirs while allowing you to remain in your house over your lifetime. Read more