Pat Bloom-McDonald on Womens Radio Network by Open Forum with Marcus Edwards

Marcus Edwards: And we are back here on Open Forum presented by the Womens Radio Network. I’m your host, Marcus Edwards, and it’s my pleasure today to introduce everybody to my next guest.  I’m now joined by attorney Patricia Bloom from Patricia Bloom-McDonald’s Attorney at Law. Mrs. Bloom, thank you for joining me today. Read more

MassHealth News Update: No More Caretaker Exemption Law

There are times when an adult child will undergo care of an elderly parent at home. When the needs of the parent surpass the capability of the child or if the care simply becomes too overwhelming, the parent may have to go into a nursing home or assisted living care facility. Under MassHealth law, nursing home benefits are provided to low and medium income patients if they require assistance with daily living activities such as feeding, bathing, dressing, hygiene and continence. Read more

When Should I Hire an Estate Planning Attorney?

Most people would rather avoid having to hire an attorney at all because they fear high legal fees. Accordingly, many individuals in need of legal help turn to low cost clinics or cut-rate legal websites, as well as do-it-yourself alternatives. One of these legal areas is estate planning where you can easily find a variety of documents online such as wills, trust forms, health directives and other templates for you to fill in. Unfortunately, in many cases where someone has attempted to execute a will or other testamentary instrument without competent legal counsel, or without any legal assistance, they failed to follow certain formalities or other requirements leading to costly disputes and to the courts’ often thwarting their real intent in how they wished to disburse of their assets after their death. Read more

Dealing with Bills after Death

Whether you’re expecting the death of your loved one or not, your grief is going to be your main concern. The financial stress of dealing with the deceased person’s outstanding bills is something you shouldn’t have to worry about.

A really big aspect of elder law is making sure people understand their rights, as well as their responsibilities. There are a lot of factors that weigh into how credit should be handled, including whether or not the debt was their sole responsibility in life, or a shared debt. Read more

Benefits of Pets for the Elderly

There are many ways that pets can enrich the lives of their owners. The benefits to our physical and mental health are sometimes overlooked though. A popular trend in senior health news, in particular, is that pets can greatly improve senior health, sometimes being the determining factor in how long a senior can stay independent in their own homes. Read more