Are Americans Ready to Retire?

In a frightening reveal of Elder Law News, a new study shows that most Americans are facing such economic hardships that they are not preparing for retirement. According to a report in the LA Times, over fifty percent of all workers in the United States are not saving nearly enough money to cover even the most essential living expenses that they will incur during their retirement years. Retirement Lawyer Patricia Bloom-McDonald understands the hardships that American retirees may face. Read more

Estate Planning To Do List

Most people are aware of how important retirement planning can be. Unfortunately, this does not always cause them to follow through and hire an Estate Planning Lawyer. Recent Elder Law News shows just how badly the United States economy has hit our senior citizens, and the toll it is taking on their retirement plans. If you have questions about retirement planning, give Estate Planning Lawyer Patricia Bloom-McDonald a call today. In the meantime, here is a quick “to do” list for estate planning. Read more

Letting a “Do-it-Yourself” Product Plan Your Estate

Software programs and Web sites selling customized, do-it-yourself wills and other estate planning documents seem to offer an inexpensive and convenient alternative to visiting an estate planning attorney. Nobody really likes to discuss their dying wishes and health care directives with a perfect stranger. Additionally, most people are wary of attorney fees. Read more

The Importance of a Power of Attorney

When people consider estate planning, they often think that preparing a will, or perhaps a trust will cover their needs. Certainly, these documents are very important to guarantee that property passes according to ones wishes upon death.  However, when one considers estate planning, it is important to think of managing ones affairs not only after death, but also during ones life. Read more

The Empty Office

The sign on the glass door reads “Elder Law Attorney.” You peer through that door but the office is empty–where is the elder law attorney?

She is probably in the community making a house call – yes, elder law attorneys still make house calls. A paralegal and the elder law attorney first witnessed a dying man sign legal documents and immediately afterwards heard his daughter call the hospital asking for an ambulance to take him there. She explained that he wanted pain killing medication but no treatment to lengthen his life. Read more