The Best Ways to Give Money to Your Grandchildren

If you have grandchildren you can give them funds that can actually help them while teaching them about the importance of saving. By looking at certain ways on how you can provide them with gifts, you can avoid certain tax implications and perhaps give your loved ones a lesson on financial management.

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11 Reasons to Update Your Estate Plan Before It’s Too Late

While most people lack a Will or any other type of estate plan, your having one puts you in good stead with yourself and your family. However, events in your life can drastically change your plans for distributing your assets.  It is always a very good idea that you need to meet with your estate planning lawyer to make sure changes to your Will or other documents are not necessary and that your documents reflect your intentions in light of new developments.

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Independent Senior Living How You Can Help

Senior living presents challenges not only to the aging individual but to family members concerned about their loved ones’ health and well-being. Placing a parent in a senior facility may be a viable or only option for some, but many seniors want to remain in their homes or apartments, or do not have the resources to be cared for in a facility. If your loved one can remain in the home, he or she may need your help.

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Selling a Home in Probate What You Need to Know

Probate proceedings in Massachusetts are governed by the Massachusetts Uniform Probate Code or MUPC. If there is real estate in the decedent’s estate, the Will may have designated that the property go to a certain heir or other beneficiary, or that the property be sold and the assets distributed equally or in whatever shares the decedent intended.

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Choosing the Trustee for Your Special Needs Trust

If you want to ensure that the needs of your loved one(s) with disabilities are provided for, you should consider establishing a special needs trust. The following provides some information about special needs trusts and the importance of choosing a proper trustee–
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