What you need to know about Attorney in-fact Responsibilities

Being asked to be and then appointed as an attorney-in-fact should be considered an honor. Generally, a parent or other family member might have asked you but a close business associate or longtime friend might have appointed you as well. This connotes a measure of trust and confidence in you that you need to take seriously and to fully understand your responsibilities.

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Medicare and Nursing Homes What You Need to Know

If you are 65 or older, or have a certain disability, then you may qualify for Medicare. The rules on paying for nursing home care, though, are different and require that you follow strict guidelines and are in need of certain care in a skilled nursing facility (SNF). Medicare does not pay for room and board at a long term facility but can be used for medical visits or hospital care and certain supplies.

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Nursing Home CARE Matters Month

October has been declared Nursing Home Residents’ Rights Month. Our seniors who reside in assisted living facilities, nursing homes and other facilities are among the most vulnerable group in our society. Reports of abuse, sexual assault, pushing, restraining and ridiculing residents as well as abandoning them, failing to bathe, feed or help with basic hygiene is not all that uncommon. Statistics show that 10% of all nursing home residents suffer some form of abuse each year. About 90% of nursing homes are understaffed, leading to errors in administering medications, lack of quality care and to offensive if not criminal behavior.

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Should I sign a nursing home admissions agreement?

When an elderly person is admitted into a nursing home, they must sign a nursing home admissions agreement. If the agreement is not signed, then the elderly person cannot be admitted to the facility. The following reviews what a nursing home admissions agreement is, important parts of the agreement to be aware of, and why a nursing home agreement should always be reviewed by an attorney prior to being signed. Patricia Bloom-McDonald Attorney at Law can help you understand a nursing home admissions agreement and its legal bearing.

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MassHealth Nursing Home Eligibility

Medicaid is an important part of healthcare funding for low-income individuals. In Massachusetts, Medicaid is known as MassHealth. For those who are elderly and are seeking nursing home care, there are a variety of criteria that must be satisfied to be eligible. The following reviews the rules regarding MassHealth nursing home eligibility – for more questions, contact elder law lawyer, Patricia Bloom-McDonald.

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