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When Patricia fully understands your particular situation and aspirations she will design a plan and course of action that helps to accomplish your unique goals. Patricia will make sure that you know all of your options in clear, easy to understand language, without all the confusing legal terminology, and she will continuously allow you to ask as many questions as you need.


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We have years of experience with Guardianships, Conservatorship applications, Name Changes and Administration of Estates. Older Americans face unique legal challenges – we will work with you to assure all of your needs are taken care of. Please see our Elder Law section to learn more. Planning your estate is of vital importance and without proper planning your wishes may go unheeded. Let us help you create a solid Estate Plan. Buying and Selling a home is a major life event, having the proper legal counsel will insure you do it right. Let us help you navigate this confusing process



Committed to helping all people, including those about to retire or retired already, to prepare a plan for aging in their own home, and to access all resources available to them.

Attorney Patricia Bloom-McDonald is available to meet in YOUR home, office, or other place of convenience.

Many adults care for aging parents, support their own children & face their own retirement. Seniors are an increasing proportion of society; economic benefits are shrinking; costs are rising. House neglect & home injuries are primary causes of relocating to nursing homes. It doesn’t need to be an inevitable fact of aging to live out life in a nursing home. Current laws allow those who are otherwise eligible, to be given the choice of care setting that is the least restrictive & most appropriate.


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Attorney Patricia Bloom-McDonald is a licensed attorney in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and has been in private practice since 2003. She is admitted to practice before the Supreme Court of the United States Bar; U.S. District Court, 1st Circuit; U.S. Bankruptcy Court; and all courts in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.